Your Dreams Enterpries Pvt. Ltd., Which is situated in Adambakkam, Chennai is a well known company in the field of loand promotiong nearly 5 yrs. The next step of the company has been focused about Herbals.

Now a days many people doesn’t care about their health. They doesn’t take the food on proper time. Because of this don’t have an energy, Vitamins and Minerals in their body and they don’t have the immunity power also. Because of this any disease can affect an human easily. Keeping all this in mind, the company Mr. K.R. Ananthan, created an energy drink called “Siranjeevi” health Drink with 0% Chemicals.

Siranjeevi Health Drinks contains more than 5 types of energy, more than 25 types of Vitamins and more than 25 types of Minerals. And the drink is made up of with nearly 23 Herbals.

It is 100% natural and 0% side effect. The drink is made up of like food and it is not a medicine. And it is a chemical free. The food which are intaking in our daily life doesn’t fulfill the energy, Vitamins and Minerals. But drinking Siranjeevi Health Drinks all the Energy, Vitamins and Minerals gets fulfill. The drink can be taken in our daily life.

“Your Dreams Herbals” is a group under Your Dreams Enterprises Pvt Ltd.,

“Your Dreams Herbals” is making in a small scale Industries method. The Siranjeevi Health Drink have a lab certificate which is proved that the drink contains 100% naturals.

And more over, “Your Dreams Herbals” obtained the Entrepreneur Memorandum certificate from Govt., of Tamil Nadu Department of Industries and Commerce. And it has an food Adulteration certificate, TANSTIA membership certificate and the TIN member and the CST certificates too.

So, “Your Dreams Herbals” are following all the rules and regulation of the Govt., and doing the work legally.

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